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Ethics of Lost in Food:

This is a personal blog, and as such the content has been written in its entirety by Lesley Garden. Any opinions, choices or preferences expressed in our blog are personal to us. From time to time I will recommend a product because I use it myself, I am not paid to make recommendations and receive no monetary compensation to do so. If I am asked to review a product I will state that within the post.

I am not a professional food critic, but may from time to time attend events or go to restaurants where I will cover the costs myself and share my experiences with you. Should I be invited to attend an event as a guest, I will make that clear at the time of writing.

I may share a recipe that I use but is not my own, I will credit ownership on my blog and make clear who’s recipe it is.

If you would like to use any of the recipes, photos or any other blog content, at any time then please do get in touch and ask as the content belongs to me. The photos on this blog belong to lost in food, and the food you see in my recipes is my own and should not be reproduced without first seeking approval to do so. 

If you wish to link to my website, or wish me to link to your website, please get in touch with me direct at [email protected].  Likewise if you have a product, a service, or an event that you would like me to review or write about, please don’t hesitate to contact me.