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the principled pig

On a glorious, crisp Autumn morning last month, Michelle and I met up with Andy & Anna Custard, the husband and wife team behind The Principled Pig.

Two phone calls laster for directions we were met by Andy and Jack their friendly Labrador. The couple’s small holding is on the road between Inverurie and Kemnay, with fantastic views over Bennachie.

We were met by the 4 pigs in residence, Oxford Sandy & Black breed. The couple have decided to start small. A friend provided them with some wise words, animals are easy to buy; fairly easy to rear; but you’ve got to be able to sell the meat at the end. Therefore, taking heed of this advice Andy and Anna have set aside an area of their small holding for the rearing of their pigs.

Customers interested in buying their product can pop along to Huntly and Inverurie farmers markets. The couple currently sell their barbecued goods at both markets. However their primary goal is to provide outside catering at private parties, events and weddings.

Before leaving Andy generously gave us some of his lovely pork to cook and try for ourselves. With a nice layer of fat around the meat, we knew this pork wouldn’t need too much done to it. We cooked up all the pork and enjoyed it with our families last Friday night. The pork gigot was pot-roasted in onions and a little red wine. The ideal cooking method for this joint as it was full of taste and really tender.  To add to the pork I made a rich gravy using the pork shank. I’m really fussy when it comes to gravy so 2 days to make a beautiful shiny gravy and well worth the effort. We kept the pork ribs really simple, marinating them overnight in Angus & Oink Moomami rub. The ribs were then cooked low and slow, simple but full of flavour.

Some photos of our delicious dinner:

Well treated, hand-reared pigs and it shows in the flavour of the meat. We simply cannot recommend The Principled Pig enough, if you see Andy and Anna at the next farmers market give their pork a go.  Customers won’t be disappointed with such a high quality product.

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