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*GIVEAWAY* spice kitchen sample spice pack


It’s time for another of our Birthday giveaways and this time we’ve teamed up with Spice Kitchen, a family run artisan spice and tea company run by mother and son team Shashi and Sanjay Aggarwal.  Up for grabs this week is a selection of Spice Kitchen sample sized goodies, including: their award winning garam masala; cumin seeds; chilli powder; coriander powder; dried curry leaves; turmeric; whole cardamon pods; cassia bark; black mustard seeds. We’ve packaged these dried spices together with two balti dishes.

If you would like a chance to win this prize, please comment on this post below telling us why you would like to win the spice kit. Please then click on the Rafflecopter icon at the bottom of this post and fill in your details.  Terms and conditions are detailed in the Rafflecopter. Good luck everyone!



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222 thoughts on “*GIVEAWAY* spice kitchen sample spice pack

  1. I’d love to win this spice kitchen set as I love cooking spicy food

  2. I’d love to try these spices because I’ve never used them in cooking before.

  3. I’d love to try cooking with some different spice combinations.

  4. Because i love cooking with spices & don’t have any Balti dishes

  5. we love cooking Indian food so would be interested to try their garam masala

  6. I’d love to win this great prize, as I’ve recently started to make my own curries and love to experiment with spices and flavours.

  7. I would love to win this, as I enjoy cooking and these would be perfect for cooking my family a nice curry.

  8. I love cooking curries, particularly in the slow cooker so any additions to this would be very welcome 🙂

  9. I’d love to win to experiment with my Indian cooking

  10. I love spices in the kitchen. I love to try new ones with the family. Thanks for the chance.

  11. I’ve just started to make my own curries from scratch and experimenting with different spices, so would really love to win this!

  12. This will be good practice for Masterchef

  13. My cooking is in a bit of a rut. I need some inspiration to liven up mealtimes

  14. I have recently started to be more experimental with my cooking skills, learning how to create more interesting dishes than the usual roast dinner and spag bol, and these would certainly help me spice up some delicious new meals!

  15. I would love this as I’ve recently started learning how to cook so this would be great! Would love to use it to cook for my parents!

  16. I like cooking my own curries from scratch.

  17. I’m. Trying g to cook from scratch this would really help

  18. I love to cook with amazing spices tumaric is my favourite x

  19. I love to make a curry and it is always handy to have some lovely spices in the cupboard

  20. I need to reduce salt in my diet, but want to keep having strong flavours, so these spices would be ideal. Thank you.

  21. I have never cooked any baltic dishes and would love to make my own dishes instead of having to order them

  22. I’d love to win as I’ve recently started to make curries from scratch, and really enjoy trying different flavours.

  23. I’ve never used lots of spices but I know they are good for your health . I’ve just had a bout of pneumonia and wanting to try anything that might boost my immune system.

  24. love experimenting with new spices and flavours so this would be ideal but often have once or twice used jars of spices lying around for years! this would be ideal x

  25. I would love to win this prize as I need to spice up our lives!

  26. Love to win to try different spIces as it adds so much flavour to meals

  27. I love to cook, my kids love to cook with me and experience new flavours 🙂

  28. We cook lots of curries and this would be ideal to help us with this.

  29. Beacause spices make good food taste great!

  30. love hot and spicey

  31. I am Indian and cook spicy food all the time so this would come in very handy

  32. i love spicy food and i love to experiment when i am cooking so this would be great to give me a taste of different flavours

  33. I love using spices so would love to own one

  34. We love curries and spicy food in our house. Always looking to try new ingredients and products xx

  35. I used to cook a lot of Indian food but haven’t made much recently – would love the inspiration to get back into it!

  36. I’ve just had a clear put of my kitchen cupboards and got rid of any spices that were too old and now it’s lookign a bit depleted! would love to try some ones I haven’t used myself too

  37. I abslutely love the use of spice and herbs to create that authentic taste in my dishes a really lovely giveaway many thanks x x

  38. love hot and spicy food

  39. I will love one so I can cook some yummy curries and use it for other food too

  40. My kids and I have been cooking together a lot lately, but I haven’t yet attempted to make a curry with them. This lovely selection of spices would help us conjure up some lovely dishes….and because they made them they are way more likely to eat them!

  41. I love creating and making dishes that allow me to experiment with different spices and tastes.

  42. I’d love to learn how to cook real Indian curry and so I need the real ingredients too.

  43. I love currys and anything with plenty of spice, I’d love to win so I can cook up something delicious for myself and my fella!

  44. spicy food is our delight
    would love a curry every night 😉

  45. To try their award winning Garam Masala

  46. We love curries and spicy food in our house. Always looking to try new ingredients and products.

  47. I have yet to make a good curry – this would help.

  48. would love to know more about what spices goes with what, as I love cooking and experimenting

  49. Would love to win because I love spicy food.

  50. I love curry and would love to try these fro my family x

  51. I would love to create a lovely spicy dish for myself and husband

  52. i recently started learning some recipes for when i move out in a few months!

  53. I’d love to cook a curry from scratch.

  54. A curry a day keeps the doctor away.

  55. I thoroughly enjoy cooking from scratch and this would be perfect!

  56. I’d love to win because I’d like to try making curries from scratch instead of just using ready prepared sauces which can sometimes be too sweet. It would be nice to experiment a bit more.

  57. love cooking from scratch but i’m a chef lol

  58. I love cooking curries and trying new spice combinations

  59. I would love to win a set because I’m currently pregnant and craving curry so badly! I’ve been making around 4 a week and experimenting with new recipes and ingredients, these would be great!

  60. My boyfriend loves cooking spicy dishes so it’d be a mega treat for him!

  61. I’d love to win a Spice Kitchen Spice Set because I love experimenting with spices in my cooking, but I tend to stick to the same ones as well so this would be brilliant and encourage me to experiment more 🙂

  62. I love curry but buying all the different spices can be quite expensive xxx

  63. I follow the Slimming World plan and i’m always looking for other things to add extra flavour to meals and these look lovely

  64. I would love to learn recipes where i can experiment with new spices

  65. I would like to try new spices

  66. To spice up my meals. I love indian food

  67. I love cooking from scratch, my partner has an onion allergy so having fresh herbs and spices makes all the difference to making a special curry dish.

  68. Would love to win as we love to experiment with new flavours

  69. A Homemade curry

  70. i love spicy foods x

  71. This would be ideal for me as curry is my favourite dish

  72. I would love to win this for my mum! She would be delighted and would make great use of it.

  73. because i looove indian food

  74. I love using herbs and spices when I cook

  75. I love spicy foods

  76. I love cooking spicy foods of all kinds and am always on the lookout for new blends to try

  77. Love experimenting with different flavours and using ingredients that i have never used before

  78. Would love to win because I love spicy home cooked food

  79. I’m running low on spice supplies and it’s lovely to have a nice set in the kitchen

  80. Curry is a treat in our house and it looks delicious!

  81. I recently dipped into my cupboard to make a curry and found that all my spices were all out of date. Want and need to restock to enjoy homemade curries again.

  82. I would love to win because I adore spicy foods

  83. Really want to learn to make my currys from scratch as I buy jars at the moment. My daughter is 14 I would love to teach her how to cook homemade food.

  84. Don’t make many curries – would love to try more x

  85. A curry fanatic that needs to learn how to cook the Indian way

  86. would so love to make a nice proper curry with all the right spices

  87. My son loves cooking me curries I would love this

  88. I love to try new things, crazy kitchen times!

  89. To give to our son at uni as he lacks a spice cupboard like us

    1. That would be a great reason! My love of cooking started during my Uni days (too long ago to mention!:-) and has continued ever since!

  90. I would love the chance to try some new flavours

  91. Love a good homemade curry. That’s why.

  92. Because I much prefer cooking meals from scratch, and as I love spicy food it would be great to have all the spices I need for a specific recipe. Thanks

  93. Because I love exploring with cooking and new recipes

  94. I like to cook from scratch

  95. To experiment with the spices and to make a curry from scratch.

  96. Me and my partner are both vegetarians, the spice rack would be fantastic to add a big boost of flavour to some of our dishes

  97. i love using ingredients to make something fresh rather out of a jar so trying new spices would be lovely

    1. Charlotte I’m the same I love to cook from scratch.

  98. Love a good homemade curry. This would be ideal.

    1. A homemade curry is my favourite thing to cook Solange.

  99. Because we absolutely love our dishes to be bursting with flavour and it’d be great to try a new brand of spices!

    1. I agree Shannan, I love trying new products.

  100. […] 2 Balti Dishes & Selection of Spices from Spice Kitchen – […]

  101. We love using spice but never have enough!

    1. I love buying spices Ruth, you can never have enough!

  102. I love the idea of making a real curry and not just something out of a jar

    1. Lorraine, once you have a spice set it’s so easy to create something from scratch.

  103. Perfect ingredients for a #Fakeaway #Takeaway for saving those pennies

    1. Justine I make curry from scratch myself and you’re right it saves a fortune on takeaways!

  104. My husband has started to make lovely curries and this would be great for him.

    1. Margaret this would make a lovely gift for your husband.

  105. My partner loves cooking curries from scratch, and makes her own Madras paste. Was easy when we lived in Nottingham, lots of great Asian food shops in Hyson Green. We have a much smaller kitchen here, and not so many shops. We could find room for these though!

    1. Ha ha Judith, you can always find room for spices in a kitchen. I love a good Madras paste, nothing like a good homemade curry from scratch.

  106. Love a good homemade curry

    1. Me too John, nothing like a good homemade curry.

  107. my dad would enjoy this

    1. Sam, this would make a great gift for your Dad.

  108. ‘cos my hubby cooks a mean curry 🙂

    1. There is nothing like a good curry Terri.

  109. I love cooking Indian food. so would love to try some new spices.

    Birmingham has very nice curries, as does Bradford 😉 Both are worth a road trip!

    1. Kerry I love cooking Indian food too! I have friends who lived in Bradford and a trip wasn’t complete without at least one visit to a curry house. Any excuse for a road trip though!

  110. I’m out of garam masala and tumeric at the mo.

    1. Frances, I have to say I think I’m going to order more of the garam masala myself!

  111. encourage me to try more exotic recipes

    1. This is a perfect starter kit Karen to be experimental!

  112. We love cooking and it’d be good to get a few more spices for the cupboard

    1. Olivia, that’s great to hear, I agree I don’t think you can ever have enough spices!

  113. my hubby is always making curries and this would be great for him

    1. It would make a really nice gift Laura.

  114. I love making curries and my spices are running low!

  115. I love making curries and my spices are running low!

    1. I’m like you Jodie, never happier than when making a curry!

  116. I’d love to win because I love experimenting with herbs and spices. You know people always say that everyone buys them for a particular recipe and then never uses them again? Not me, I use mine all the time! My kids are getting into experimenting as well. They’ll do things like put paprika or cayenne pepper on garlic bread- not what I’d do necessarily but it’s great that they’re not afraid to try things out. The best scrambled egg I ever had was when my daughter decided to chop a load of fresh thyme into it. I was horrified when I saw how much she’d put in but everyone said it tasted amazing.

    1. Debbie I love to hear stories like this, I have two experimental cooks myself and it’s great to see children who aren’t afraid of spice. I’m going to give your daughters eggs and thyme a go!

  117. I love to cook and I use spices everyday, this would be awesome to try.

    1. Dee I cook much the same, could not live without a good spice kit.

  118. I’d love to win as I had a big kitchen clear out at the weekend…SO many of my spices are out of date!

    1. Emily, I think we are all guilty of this!

  119. I love my curries – espically on a Thursday

    1. To be honest Phil I’d probably eat curry every night of the week if I thought my family would!

  120. I always uses spices with my food this would be amazing to win

    1. Sidrah I’m the same, I love adding spice to food.

  121. Ive recently, due to being on slimming world, started cooking from scratch- so this is perfect as spices are often needed!!

    1. This kit would be a perfect starter, cooking curry from scratch means you know exactly what you’re putting in to your food.

  122. My family have recently changed our eating habits and are experimenting with herbs and spices. I made a chicken curry from scratch a couple of weeks ago and even my fussy son ate it.

    1. Ian, I have a fussy eater in my family too, but she has always loved a curry!

  123. I love a good curry, but I can’t stand the jars of sauce and I never seem to have enough ingredients or patience to attempt making one from scratch. I would love to win this to save me from spending loads of money on takeaways!

    1. Hi Kim, I cook curry a lot from scratch and it saves a fortune on takeaways.

  124. I love cooking and I love to try new flavours.

    1. Me too Helen, I think I might order some of the garam masala myself!

  125. We use herbs and spices in every meal, this would be an amazing prize

    1. This small sample kit had a really good variety for spice lovers.

  126. We have been using the same spices for a while now so would love to try some different ones.

    1. Hi Harry it’s very easy to get stuck using the same spices, this kit is ideal for adding a bit of variety.

  127. I love cooking curries but keep sticking to recipes I know, this would definitely jazz it up for me

    1. Zoe I think we’re all guilty of sticking to the same recipes, this kit would certainly help you experiment.

  128. I love to cook curries from scratch.

    1. Me too Graeme, nothing beats a good curry.

  129. Although I cook most things from scratch, I’ve never cooked my own curry before mainly because I don’t have all the spices I need and don’t want to shell out only to find out I’m not very good at cooking curry’s. This would be a great to get me started.

    1. This kit would be ideal Samantha, a little bit of everything. Curry takes practice, but boy is it worth it!

  130. I love food, especially spicy food, and I love cooking.

  131. We really love eating curry and would love to try these spices out in making a few!

  132. I need to spice up my life!

  133. i have spices but they are all over my kitchen, would be ideal in 1 place x

    1. It’s good a have a nice little kit of spices all in one place, not that I practise that myself mind as I’ve spices in drawers and cupboards in my kitchen!

  134. My husband and I love cooking different spicy foods. We love trying out new recipes and discovering spices that we haven’t used before.

    1. I’m the same, I love to find a spice I haven’t used before.

  135. I’d love to have these to hand when I need or want to use them.

    1. I agree Claire, I wouldn’t be without a spice kit.

  136. Love making new things , spices really add to the flavour of your cooking

    1. I wouldn’t be without a spice kit, it encourages me to try new things.

  137. My husban makes a curry every Saturday night so it would be good to add a bit of variety.

    1. Hi Sheens, there is nothing better than a curry at the weekend, it’s a regular in our house too.

  138. To treat my little sister by turning up with everything to make a fab meal for her

    1. Nice sister, there is nothing better than someone cooking for you!

  139. This would be perfect for us

  140. Winning this would encourage me to be more adventurous in my cooking.

    1. Jo, a good spice kit is an ideal starting place for someone keen to cook with more spice.

  141. We all love spicy food, and find it fun trying out different spices with different recipes

    1. I agree Susan, I’m never happier than when creating a spice dish in my kitchen!

  142. You cannot whack a good curry with all the trimmings

    1. I agree Ray, I could eat curry every day if my family let me!

  143. Would love to win to spice up my meal prep boxes for uni 🙂

    1. It was when I left home that I really learned to cook and experiment with spice!

  144. I love cooking and current trying my hand at asian foods. Winning this would help me explore and create some amazing dishes

    1. Tee, I love to cook with asian flavours, you can create some seriously tasty food with a little spice!

  145. I am Coeliac and sometimes get in a rut when it comes to cooking new recipes. I would love to experiment a little with this set.

    1. This set would be ideal Tracy, lots of different spices to try what would work great in a daal.

  146. I love experimenting with different sices

    1. I’m the same Denise, I love experimenting with spice!

  147. We love currys and cooking from scratch, this would be perfect 🙂

    1. I agree Clare, there is nothing like a good curry made from scratch.

  148. We love curry and cooking from scratch, this would be perfect 🙂

  149. I’d love to have the stuff to make my boyfriend a fab curry, as he loves curry, and my last attempt failed to inspire!

    1. Great idea Mary! Must say a curry is a go to favourite of ours, just can’t beat the flavour!

  150. Great competition, thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous prize. Very happily liked and shared on my Facebook page

    1. Thanks for entering! Good luck, and it was very kind of Sanjay to give our readers a chance to win some of his fabulous spices!

  151. I love love love finding new spice mixes and recipes, so this would be right down my alley 😀 thanks so much for the lovely chance x

    1. Your very welcome! Good luck and make sure you enter our other competitions too over on our home page!

  152. I’d love to win this spice kitchen set I love cooking all types of food for my family this would be a great addition in my kitchen

    1. I agree I think this sample pack will be a great addition to any kitchen! Good luck!

  153. coz curry is bae

    1. Can’t beat a good curry!:-)

  154. I love to try new flavours especially spicy ones

    1. Thanks for entering and good luck! Make sure you check out our other competitions as some other spicy goodies out there too!

  155. I`m starting to be a bit more imaginative in the kitchen now and this giveaway would be a great way to help explore a few more flavours

    1. This spice mix would definitely help there Pete! And there are some spicy recipes on our website as well as some great ones over on Spice Kitchens website too!

  156. Looks good for a friend

    1. This would make a great gift! Good Luck!

  157. love to try new things in my cooking

    1. This spice selection would definitely help with that Iain! Good luck!

  158. Spices…make food interesting and tasty…. yummy….cous cous with spices…..gorgeous

    1. I completely agree, spices take any food to the next level! Good luck!

  159. I’d love to win as we love making curries and good quality ingredients are a must.

    1. Agree with you, a curry using the bet spices will make all the difference! Good luck!

  160. I love curries and spicy foods and this would enable me to experiment a bit more!

    1. I love a curry as well, and the sample selection in this pack would definitely give you lots of choice! Good luck!

  161. I love cooking with spices and love trying out new spices and recipes!

    1. Spice adds so much to cooking doesn’t it! Good luck!

  162. I would like to win because I’m half-Indian and I go through spices like there’s no tomorrow. I would also like to test the theory that Birmingham has the best Indian food. 🙂

    1. I would love to hear the outcome of this test:-) As I’ve heard the same thing! Maybe need to road trip to test that theory!

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