wild garlic butter

wild garlic butter with a bit of springtime foraging

There is nothing like a bit of free food that you can pick up for yourself whilst out walking, I’m quite partial to a bit of foraging. Whether it be raspberries and blaeberries in the Summer; apples and brambles in Autumn (yes, there is apple tree I know of in the middle of nowhere); or…

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tomatillo sauce, a simple sauce for autumn

Michelle holidayed in Mexico last year and came home talking about a sauce she enjoyed whilst there, a Mexican tomatillo sauce or salsa verde. This sauce was served alongside other food as a salsa with a kick of heat and can be served both hot and cold. Tomatillos themselves are fruits that look very similar to a green tomato but…

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vegetable pasta sauce

As we promised in our “simple sauces for spring” post, we plan to bring you a couple of sauces each season. We find that having a few simple sauce recipes to hand can, at times, be a real time saver, whilst at the same time providing you with a tasty alternative in approaching everyday foods….

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