supperclub – a spring lunch by lost in food

This past weekend saw our supperclub take a slight difference however, one we enjoyed immensely! Over the past year we have had numerous supperclubs where the focus has been on us sharing the cooking with our friends and always using a cookbook of our choosing.


Saturday saw us entertaining our lovely blogging friends Julia Bryce of Just Julia and Sarah Forsyth of BlogsVlogsEtc who we have met at various blogging events over the last couple of years, but really got to know over a foodie weekend in St Andrews last year where we shared many laughs over food, wine and gin. We’ve met many times since, however on this occasion we wanted things to be different. Both of us have spoken many times about hosting our own supperclub with our own food and most of all see if others enjoy it!

The invite was sent out to Julia and Sarah for our first supperclub. Hopping a train to Inverurie, the ladies joined us for a late lunch. This is where we showcased the food we cook and the recipes we want to share with our friends. A lazy Saturday afternoon ensued where we enjoyed a three course lunch, starting with a lemon cocktail compliments of Wild Island Gin and wine pairings for each course.

Without further ado we’re going to hand over the remainder of this post to the photographs taken by Julia and Sarah, who kindly agreed to be our photographers for the day (leaving our hands free to cook!). We are delighted with the results, it’s always great to see another persons take on your food. The photos really speak for themselves, so no need to explain the food. Superb photos ladies, you’ve done our food proud. Great company, good food, happy times. Let’s get the next date in the diary!
















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