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Any foodie will tell you that its good to get to know your local butcher, that way you can trace the origin of your food and also find ways to try out cuts that might be new to you. We are lucky enough to have a very good local butcher Davidsons and luckier still that John talks food as much as we do. We mentioned that we were planning a trip to London, but hadn’t quite settled on somewhere to eat on the Friday night. He recommended a steak atGoodman in Mayfair.

We arrived early at 5.45pm, ravenous after travelling and ready to eat. On realising it was our first visit our friendly waitress Chloe showed us a platter of steak cuts, taking time to explain each cut, its origin and how they recommend it be cooked.

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goodman porterhouse steak001

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We both ordered a Lobster salad, simply prepared with a Japanese mayonnaise served on the side and cooked to perfection. We followed that with a dry-aged Porterhouse steak (a cut on the bone where you have both the sirloin and the fillet) from the Lake District to share, a side of truffle chips and sautéed green beans. No deliberating over sauces as they serve all three on the side so you can chop and change: bearnaise; pepper (with a real kick of pepper and not overly creamy); and Stilton (the most delicious reduction of red wine and stilton which I’m going to attempt to recreate at home, if it works I’ll share!). We finished off with cheesecake and a lemon posset with shortbread, both done with a light touch.

The food was simply cooked, but divine, you know food is well done when you ooh and aah over a green bean!

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The service was friendly, attentive and the staff knew what they were talking about. They were happy to engage with us and we even managed to get a visit to the kitchen, where the head chef Phil (a Canadian from Montreal), took time out of a busy Friday night service to show us around the kitchen and the fridges. Phil talked about the relationship he has with his suppliers, how he dry ages the beef and his enthusiasm was infectious. Michelle is Canadian so she’s used to a good steakhouse, I can say honestly this is my first time in a proper one. Seriously good food, fantastic service, we cannot recommend enough and we will both be back!