condiments, pastes, sauces & stock


honey is used in salad dressings, marinades and within dishes as well as being a great addition to baked goods and desserts.

jam is handy to have to hand, particularly when baking. We are keen jam makers, however always have a raspberry jam and strawberry jam in the cupboard, buy the best quality that your budget allows.

mustard is great in marinades, sauces and salad dressings we use Dijon, English and wholegrain.

tomato ketchup is not just an accompaniment to chips but great for adding sweetness to tomatoes, in a pasta sauce, a marie rose sauce (it’s always Heinz!)


We will show you how to make a paste from scratch, be it Indian, Thai etc. However there are occasions when you have neither time nor inclination to make a paste from scratch, that’s when its worth having a ready-made paste to hand. We keep the following:

Belazu rose harissa
Pataks indian pastes
Thai Taste green and red curry pastes


dark soy sauce is made from fermented soya beans and wheat but has been aged longer than light soy sauce and is less salty, use it to add flavour and colour to Oriental food.

light soy sauce is made from fermented soya beans and wheat and is used in Oriental cooking as a salt substitute.

tabasco sauce adds chilli heat and comes in handy when serving a crowd as those who want more heat can add tabasco as their palate allows.

thai sweet chilli sauce is a great dipping sauce but can also be added to stir-fry for flavour.

worchester sauce is great for adding to sauces or stews but equally nice when added to melted cheese on toast!


Whilst we would agree that a homemade stock is the best and having this to hand in the freezer is ideal, the reality is that we all fall back on stock cubes and stock pots in our daily cooking. We do use fresh stock that you can buy from the refrigerator section in most supermarkets but also hold the following:

Knorr stock cubes and stock pots
Oxo cubes

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