*GIVEAWAY* my Dad’s handmade egg box


Now to the last of our Birthday giveaways and this time we’re offering something a little bit different. I post pictures of my Dad’s creations on Instagram all the time and they always get more attention than anything I cook. My Dad was a carpenter but he retired many years ago and now he likes to potter in his shed making bits and pieces for me and my two sisters. I’ve been asked numerous times if my Dad has a website or Etsy page that people can order from, he’s always amused that anyone would actually buy his creations that are often made with off-cuts of wood. He’s very kindly given us one of his eggboxes to giveaway, it’s made of Oak and can hold a dozen eggs. Both Michelle and I have one in our kitchens.


If you would like a chance to win my Dad’s eggbox please comment on this post below telling us why you would like to win the eggbox. Please then click on the Rafflecopter icon at the bottom of this post and fill in your details.  Terms and conditions are detailed in the Rafflecopter. Good luck everyone!

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  1. George Wright says

    It’s cute and rustic. We get eggs from my aunt’s chickens & I’d love to keep them in here! 🙂

  2. Rowena Wood says

    The fac tthat it is home made by your dad is lovely, but i love how the shelves are nicely and nealty organised.

  3. Julie Thomas says

    I love the fact that the eggs now have their own little house, its very vintage yet beautifully made

  4. Maxine G says

    everything! It’s so cute and I think it displays the eggs so beautifully. It would also be a great reminder that I have eggs to use up, rather than them being pushed to the back of the fridge. I’m beginning to think of recipes to use them in already!

  5. Jenny Harlow says

    I saw a similar one of these at my local farm fair last year and fell in love with them. Its a very simple and practical concept. Would look great in my dads kitchen for his chickens eggs.

  6. Adele says

    Hello! It’s a lovely little piece and I love nothing more than than things people have put a bit of heart and soul into ❤ I’m glad your dad has found such a fun hobby! I would love to find a pastime like this (and be good at it). Haven’t tried anything close to woodwork since the big shelf fail of 2007 ☺️

    • Lesley says

      Adele, my Dad had a head start, he was a carpenter for years before retirement so he knows woodwork. I’m just lucky enough to get lovely little gifts from him, he’s got a good head for design.

  7. Elizabeth Hinds says

    It’s just so gorgeous! I know that my daughters would love having a little house to keep our eggs in too 🙂

  8. emma walters says

    apart from looking great and so much better than an egg carton on the kitchen worktop, i think my boys would love it & hopefully encouraged to eat more of them 🙂

  9. Joseph Westhead says

    It’s like I can have my own little pet eggs to love forever, until the day I decide to use them!

  10. Caroline H says

    I love that! We are a veggie household but get our eggs from (very pampered) hens cared for by friends. We use eggs a lot and that would look great in my kitchen which is a modern 50s look.

    • Lesley says

      I’m very lucky as I also have a supplier of eggs who spoils her hens something rotten – the cockerel gets hand lifted onto his perch every night!

  11. Amanda Hart says

    Wow this is so lovely, have been looking for ages for something to hold my eggs in. Really cute

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